dan browne

Gulf (2016)

16mm | 6'

This film was shot on the north shore of Cuba, looking towards the Gulf of Mexico, just months before a massive dead zone was created by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which leaked 4.9 million barrels of oil between April 20-July 15, 2010. Wave patterns fill the frame, pulling apart the film strip itself.

"Loop Collective: Recent Works," Innis Town Hall, Toronto, ON. February 4, 2016.
Open City Cinema, Winnipeg, MB, Canada. April 22, 2016.
Early Monthly Segments #89, Toronto, ON, Canada. October 24, 2016.
Canadian Film Institute, Café EX, Ottawa, ON, Canada. December 7, 2016.
la lumière, Montreal, QC, Canada. December 9, 2016.
'Ultramarine: The Sea as Political Space,' Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Berwick, UK. September 20-24, 2017.