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january 2018

Happy 2018! I'm pleased to report my work has been featured on several year-end "best of" lists:

Michael Sicinski included Palmerston Blvd. in his list of the twenty-five best avant-garde films of 2017.

On DesistfilmPalmerston Blvd. was included on lists by José Sarmiento Hinojosa and Aaron Cutler. 

On Toronto Film Review's best of 2017Palmerston Blvd. was included on lists by Clint Enns and Claudia Sicondolfo, and Generation was included on Stephen Broomer's list.

I also contributed my own lists to both these sites, focusing on international work for Desistfilm and Canadian work for Toronto Film Review. I hope you will get a chance to check out the excellent range of materials noted by all the various contributors on these sites.

Jim Shedden also included Alberta (2014) on his list of 100 Greatest Canadian Films, an ongoing series at Toronto Film Review to celebrate Canada 150. I also contributed my own list to this series.

Finally, in upcoming screening news, I am happy to announce two European presentations next month: 

Palmerston Blvd. and Generation will both be presented at Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Stuttgart, Germany, running from February 8-11th.

Generation will be presented at Les Inattendus Festival in Lyon, France, on February 10th.

^ Generation (2017, HD, 2 min)