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"Poem" receives TSV award at Images 2016

I am very honoured to have received the Trinity Square Video Award at Images Festival 2016 for Poem. Many heartfelt thanks to the festival curators, staff, jury and audiences. This presentation was the first public screening of the work that I was able to attend in person and it only feels complete as a work now in some ways. Among other things, this piece was a test for whether digital projection can sustain the intimacies of a lyrical form, and the result gives me hope for the future, as the quality of projection exceeded my expectations. However, what was even more valuable were the sensitive responses and engagement offered by friends and peers whose opinions I respect -- these, above all else, remind me of why I continue the sometimes impossible task of making artworks of a personal nature. The programme was reviewed in Exclaim! and my work was described as "a fine entry" but "too personal" to make a connection with the spectator. Well, let me tell you: I will never strive for anything less than personal cinema, it is a badge I wear proudly.

Meanwhile, Poem continues to screen on Air Canada flights from April 1 - May 31st, as part of Images Festival's "Ways + Means" programme. It is a really great selection of short works, and I hope you get to see it at 35,000 feet.

Photos by Peter Mettler and Dan Browne.