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may 2014

I am happy to announce that Montreal Underground Film Festival will present routes (2011) and memento mori (2012) as part of its 2014 lineup! Info will be on their website by next week, but from looking at their programming from last year, it seems clear there will be plenty of good company from other great Canadian and international film artists.

Additionally, last weekend recomposition (2007) was shown with a live scoring by composer Chris Thornborrow at Synaesthesia III: Film & Music, presented by FAWN Opera & New Music, in collaboration with The Seventh Art. I really enjoyed Chris' sonic re-interpretation of my work, which took the piece in several interesting new dimensions, generating substantial emotive force by the end. As well, the other works in the programme were also excellent — I particularly enjoyed Eva Kolcze's Markings 1-3 and Christine Lucy Latimer's The Magik Iffektor. Thanks to Patrick Murray and Amanda Smith of FAWN, and co-curator Christopher Heron of The Seventh Art, whose thoughtful approach towards selecting films (and including a Q&A following the screening of each piece!) was a real treat. Christopher interviewed myself and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof about The Loop Collective several years ago - you can watch it here.