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february 2015

This year is shaping up to be productive of new works - since finishing Poem, i have been busy with several projects that are mid-length to long durations (60+ min). One is an extended audio-visual collage created through a process of live improvisation using image mixing software. another, which I have been working on for the past year, documents my living room window and will conclude when we move into a new home in April. Yet another is a follow-up of sorts to memento mori, composed of images generated between the conception of my son Julian and his birth (jan-aug '14), mostly of landscape time-lapses of various travels (see images below)... I want to preserve the time period for future reference,,, a window looking back upon the passing of time -- places, weather, plants, insects, animals, people, people, etc... still a lot of work to be done but hopefully these new works will be completed soon. The longer a project is, the more exponentially complex it becomes -- I wish all of these were shorter works, it would be easier to finish them quickly. All I can do is respond to the material as truthfully as possible // it takes its form largely on its own, my role is primarily to act as an intermediary vessel.