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february 2017

This winter I'm taking a breather from making new works in order to focus on my dissertation, which centres around process-based aesthetics and decay in experimental film. Writing about decay and the world feels very appropriate right now, I think I chose a timely topic! Been reading a lot of theory and am excited by my recent discovery of Bataille's The Accursed Share, which I feel perfectly summarizes the role of avant-garde cinema -- looking forward to writing on this connection, which seems to have gone unaddressed. I've also completed some notes towards a short theoretical/aesthetic manifesto called "The Fragile Image," that is an attempt to work through some common themes in my practices. Whatever happened to the days when artists wrote creative manifestos? We need more of that!

I will be doing live improvised video projections with pianist Jacqueline Leung at Audiopollination #51 at Array Space on Saturday February 11th in Toronto. I'm also exhibiting two video installations, Cathedral and Grid024 (both 2015), on The UMW Media Wall at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. And Núria Giménez Comas will be presenting her re-scored version of my film Abraxas (2006) in concert at "Zone(s) de combat," Consortium on February 10th in Dijon, France.

(By the way, if any web developers out there reading this are familiar with Koken -- which this site is run on -- I'm encountering glitches when updating content that I really could use some assistance with!)

Still from Grid024 (2015).