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june 2016

Summer is here! Lots going on.

This month, Graphical Records releases VARIATIONS, a DVD featuring twelve Canadian moving image artists reinterpreting Michael Snow's "Poem" (1957), for which I made my recent eponymous work. These works will be presented at Gallery of Alberta Media Art, Calgary, from June 1 - August 31st, and Latitude 53 in Edmonton from June 23 - July 30th. Very happy to be a part of this project, with an alternative version of Poem featuring a score by Steve Richman. (The original concept was to feature collaborations between image and sound artists, however it deviated at some point -- hence the reason why I commissioned an alternate soundtrack from the version currently touring festivals.)


Poem was also presented as part of "The New Impressionists" at [S8] Festival in A Coruña, Spain, a programme with outstanding works by Jodie Mack, Pablo Mazzolo, Charlotte Pryce, Alexandre Larose, Robert Todd, Eva Kolcze, John Price and Jacques Perconte. It turned out to be a good week for me in Spain, as Alberta was shown at Unseen Zinema in Madrid the same week with a live score by local musicians. Alberta will also be shown at Edge of Frame's new screening series at DIY London (UK), on June 30th, featuring a retrospective of the works of Jordan Baseman. Very grateful for the inclusion alongside works by Jesse McLean and Aaron Zeghers. And Christian's Curtains received its festival premiere at Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, in a programme with works by Albert Alcoz, Minjun Kim, Blake Williams, and Jodie Mack (again!), as well as the world premiere of a new very short work, Le paradis n'est pas artificiel, which I made for their 90-second programme.

Finally, I recently shot some documentation of my video installation The Water Suite, which is on permanent rotation as part of Speech Bubble, an LED screen installation by Jennifer Marman + Daniel Borins, at The Pinnacle on Adelaide (295 Adelaide St. at John, near TIFF Lightbox, Toronto). I had been waiting for it to get warm to do this, but it sort of backfired because there is a very long line behind the screen all day for a trendy soft serve ice cream place! On the plus side, these people spend time watching the installation while they eat their ice cream, which is great.  Here is an article about the work with an image from one of the videos in The Water Suite, Waveform (2016)Speech Bubble runs daily from 9am-9pm, so check it out if you're in the area. It also features work by Marman + Borins, Gordon Douglas Ball, and Talia Shipman on scheduled rotation, so you might catch me or someone else but, regardless, it's great to see a screen in Toronto showing something besides an advertisement!

Right: Speech Bubble playing Grid11a. Left (distant): The Audience by Michael Snow.