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march 2016

Several screenings of my work this month:

(2015) screens in Chicago on March 6th at Onion City Film Festival, in a great programme alongside Karissa Hahn, Jason Halprin, Zach Iannazzi, Robert Todd, Joss Weissbach, Mike Stoltz, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Amy Lockhart, Tommy Heffron, Sasha Waters Freyer, and Karen Yasinski. It will also be presented at three additional festivals in April and May - details on those events soon!

Alberta (2014) will be touring as part of Pleasure Dome's New Toronto Works 2015 programme at three fantastic venues in the United States: Balagan Film Series with AgX Collective (Boston, MA) on March 24th, Center for Performance Research with Mono No Aware (Brooklyn, NY) on March 27th, and Big Mama's Cinematheque (Philadelphia, PA) on March 28th. Very big thanks to Pleasure Dome curators Amber Christensen and Jesse Cumming their excellent work in arranging this tour! Alberta will also be presented as an expanded cinema installation at the Dawson City Film Festival from March 24-27th.

I've also added a new section featuring my digital photography that is currently being printed in a limited edition series. If you are interested in purchasing one please email me at dan@danbrowne.ca.