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november 2018

This month, I'm performing live at Arrayspace on Sunday, November 18th, with improvisors Bill Gilliam (piano), Bill McBirnie (flute), Eugene Martynec (laptop), Ambrose Pottie (percussion), and Glen Hall (soprano sax).

Update: Here is a documentation of the performance, where I am controlling the video projections in real time with direct input response from the music.

Screenings this month:

memento mori at Dok Leipzig, October 29 - November 4th.

Palmerston Blvd. at Nomadica Festival, Bologna, Italy, November 4th.

Palmerston Blvd. at Antimashup Festival, Angoulême, France, November 10-11th.

Lines of Force at L'Alternativa Festival, Barcelona, Spain, November 12-18th.

Taylor Creek at Ultracinema Festival in Xalapa, Mexico, November 24th, curated by Duo Strangloscope.

^ Palmerston Blvd. at Nomadica Festival, Bologna, Italy.