dan browne

Lines of Force (2018)

2' | 4K Digital | silent

The law of general relativity states that all matter is condensed energy. In its purest form, energy is light. Perhaps matter cannot go faster than light because all matter consists of light.

(For Paul Clipson.)

2018 The Unseen Festival, Boulder, CO, USA.
2018 L'Alternativa, Barcelona, Spain.
2019 Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany.
2019 Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scotland.
2019 Crossroads Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2019 Fracto Festival, Berlin, Germany.
2019 (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico – A Coruña, Spain.
2019 Moviate Underground Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA, USA.
2019 Hazel Eye Film Festival, USA.
2019 Far Out Film Festival, Nashville, TN, USA.
2019 Strangloscope – Mostra Internacional de Audio/Video/Filme/Performance, Floriaópolis, Brazil.
2019 San Diego Underground Film Festival, CA, USA.
2019 Festival du cinema nouveau, Montreal, Canada.
2019 Transient Vision: Festival of the Moving Image, NY, USA.
2019 Nomadica Festival, Bologna, Italy.
2020 Les Inattendus Film Festival, Lyon, France.
2020 Athens International Film and Video Festival, Athens, Ohio.