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march 2019

It's been a while since I've posted an update here – apologies for the absence! In December I welcomed a new baby into my family life and, while things have been a bit topsy-turvy, they are finally starting to settle again. In the meantime, there are a bunch of news updates that have accumulated so here's a rundown:

In January I started a new Patreon account. I've got a description of my intentions that you can read there, but in a nutshell I'm looking for alternative methods for funding projects and connecting with audiences, while recognizing my time is becoming scarcer with my developing family life. By becoming a patron, you'll get postcards in the mail and exclusive access to new work, including a feature-length diary film I am posting episodically on a monthly basis. (This project might not ever show at a festival or cinema either!) You can become a patron for as little as $1/month and get access to all the material, so please check out the link and consider pitching me $12/year – I would really appreciate it!

This month, Found Footage Magazine's Special Issue #5 was released, featuring an interview I did with the Hungarian filmmakers Péter Litcher and Bori Máté, their first in English. Our discussion covers such films as Polaroids, No Signal DetectedPure Virtual Function, The Headless Appearance, and their new co-directed feature, The Rub. The issue has a great assortment of articles and images. Order it here! 

“'Bad' quality images will always be (and have been) more interesting to me than 'good' quality images, because when the cinema wants to become reality, it always fails to be art." – Péter Lichter

"...issues surrounding phenomenology, the corporeal turn, and sensuousness have become important within the past decade because we have strayed too far from our bodies and senses. What we, and many other artists, offer is a strategy to find our way back to the sensorium..." – Bori Máté

In other screening news:

Midway screened at the8fest in Toronto on January 25th, with the original Kodachrome reversal print hitting the light of a projector and the retinas of audiences for the very first time! This was a great screening that was especially resonant for me as I have worked as a technician at this festival in previous years, and was very happy to be able to share the film, which was shot at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition, for a hometown audience. You can watch Midway on Vimeo here!

Midway will also screen in a programme of 8mm films curated by Alex Faoro presented in Brooklyn on March 16th. This show features an amazing collection of films by Erica Sheu, Karissa Hahn, Tomonari Nishikawa, Annalisa D. Quagliata, Lynne Sachs, and Lorenzo Gattorna, as well as a great film by Alex.

Also this month, Reflections II screens at the 27th Artifact Small Format Film Festival in Calgary, March 7–8th. Congrats to my friend Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof who will be presenting a retrospective there! 

To wrap up, I've been posting monthly news updates on this site since I first built it in 2013. I've been blessed to have enough consistency with presentations of my work over the last five years such that I've always had something new to announce, and last December was the first month where I didn't have time to post something, or any screenings going on. The fact that this coincided with the birth of my daughter Maya was not a coincidence, as I'm trying to scale back right now and focus my time on new work and new family (plus some long-outstanding writing projects as well). 

Now that I'm active on Patreon, I will be shifting to monthly updates on that platform – including a new vlog – which will be rounded out by quarterly updates here. 

Until next time...

november 2018

This month, I'm performing live at Arrayspace on Sunday, November 18th, with improvisors Bill Gilliam (piano), Bill McBirnie (flute), Eugene Martynec (laptop), Ambrose Pottie (percussion), and Glen Hall (soprano sax).

Update: Here is a documentation of the performance, where I am controlling the video projections in real time with direct input response from the music.

Screenings this month:

memento mori at Dok Leipzig, October 29 - November 4th.

Palmerston Blvd. at Nomadica Festival, Bologna, Italy, November 4th.

Palmerston Blvd. at Antimashup Festival, Angoulême, France, November 10-11th.

Lines of Force at L'Alternativa Festival, Barcelona, Spain, November 12-18th.

Taylor Creek at Ultracinema Festival in Xalapa, Mexico, November 24th, curated by Duo Strangloscope.

^ Palmerston Blvd. at Nomadica Festival, Bologna, Italy.

september 2018

I fell off the map for a little while and was starting to consider a new career as a goat farmer, but I've re-emerged and should probably announce some upcoming screenings of my work this fall...

- Lines of Force, Taylor Creek, and Generation at The Unseen Festival 2018 in Boulder, Colorado, September 1–30th.

- Taylor Creek at Strangloscope, "Natureza Política," September 20th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

- An Island Is Land and Nude Descending accompanying performances by composer Núria Gimenez at "...of Spatial Sculptures, Textures and SynthesisPrimary tabs," ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, September 21–23rd.

- memento mori at "Cinema and Archive," FotoFocus at The Mini Microcinema, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 7–8th.

- Taylor Creek, Generation, and Concrescence at Planet in Focus Film Festival, Al Green Theatre, Toronto, October 27th, 8:30 PM. With Isle of the Hungry Ghosts (2018, Germany, documentary directed by Gabrielle Brady). I will be in attendance!

- memento mori at Dok Leipzig, in a special programme on animated films, October 29–November 4th.

- Palmerston Blvd. at Nomadica Festival, in Bologna, Italy, November 1–4th.

- Palmerston Blvd. at Animashup Festival, Angoulême, France, November 10-11th.

- Lines of Force at L'Alternativa, Barcelona, Spain, November 12–18th.

I'm also excited to be performing live visuals with the electronic music producer and d.j. Djrum, at Spectrum, Saturday October 6th at Luanda House in Toronto, for some late night vibes.

A few more announcements to come for October, stay tuned... 

august 2018

This month, Palmerston Blvd. will be shown at the Photophobia Contemporary Moving Image Festival, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton's Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden on August 8th. 

Palmerston Blvd. will also receive its Californian premiere at San Diego Underground Film Festival on August 26th, in a programme entitled "your mileage may vary" alongside works by Deborah Stratman, Scott Fitzpatrick and Colby Richardson, Karissa Hahn, Minjung Kim, and MeganElizabeth Diamond.

Generation will receive its NY Premiere at "Designed Reminiscence Vol. 1," a programme of short films exploring family, home, and memory, curated by Alex Faoro and presented on August 18th.

Several of my recent works will be shown as part of Unseen Festival in Denver, Colorado, this September, including the world premiere of Lines of Force (2018) in a programme entitled "City Symphonies" on September 3rd, Generation at pop-up gallery Georgia on September 7th, and Taylor Creek on September 15th, in a programme entitled "Lake Club." The full programme is available here

I am also really excited to announce that memento mori will be shown this fall at DOK Leipzig, and at the FotoFocus series at Mini Microcinema in Cincinnati, Ohio. More info on those screenings soon.

^ Lines of Force (2018, 2 min, 4K)

july 2018

My video installation An Island Is Land (2017) premieres at Campbell River Art Gallery in a show entitled "Horizon Felt," curated by Vicky Chainey Gagnon. The show runs July 12 – September 5, 2018.

^ Still image from An Island Is Land (2017, 60 minutes)

Palmerston Blvd. will receive its Asian premiere at in the "Ex-Now" programme at EXiS Festival in Seoul, South Korea. The festival runs from July 12-19th featuring a great lineup, thrilled to be included!

Palmerston Blvd. also receives its Californian premiere in a programme of excellent short films entitled "your mileage may vary" at San Diego Underground Film Festival on August 26th. Very grateful to have my work return to this wonderful festival!

Finally, I recently edited an interview between the recently-departed filmmaker Paul Clipson and Joel Schlemowitz for Incite Magazine's Back and Forth series. You can read it here.

june 2018

I am happy to share a newly published conversation with José Sarmiento Hinojosa of Desistfilm, where we discussed a wide range of topics about my filmmaking practices.

I've also recently started artist pages on Facebook and Instagram – please give these a like, follow, or share if you feel so inclined! I'll be posting content from whatever I happen to be currently working on.

^ Still image from Lines of Force (2018, 2 min, 4K)

Upcoming screenings and events this month:

June 1st - Núria Giménez Comas performs at "Off Liceu," Gran Teatre de Liceu, Barcelona: No More Words featuring soprano Elena Copons and video by Dan Browne, followed by  Back Into Nothingness with new video by Dan Browne.

June 1st - Live video performance alongside music by Mike Shannon, LeeLee Mishi, spooloops, Purpelle, and Brendan Lawless at The Giant's Pleasure Garden, presented by Blue Dot, in an amazing church location in Kitchener. 

June 3rd - Palmerston Blvd. receives its prairie premiere at Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, in an incredible programme with films by Nazlí Dinçel and Dani + Sheilah Restack.

June 9th - World premiere of Taylor Creek (2017) at Crossroads Festival, San Francisco, in the programme "lines are drawn".

June 24th - Live video performance with Snowday at Hive, Solstice Gathering

may 2018

Looking forward to heading to NYC on May 8th to present Palmerston Blvd. at Anthology Film Archives for the launch of Millennium Film Journal's Issue #67! The programme is curated by Rachel Stevens & Grahame Weinbren and also features works by Lorna Mills, Naeem Nohaiemen, Alee Peoples, and Anita Thacher. The issue is available now – buy your copy at http://www.mfj-online.org/

Also this week, Palmerston Blvd. is presented at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in Hawick, Scotland, in the programme "Dislocations" running daily from May 3–6th – details available here

I am also happy to announce Palmerston Blvd. will be presented at FRACTO in Berlin (May 24–28th), and at Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (June 1–3rd).

Generation will be presented at Far Out Film Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, on May 10th.

Finally, I am excited to announce the world premiere of Taylor Creek at San Francisco Cinematheque's Crossroads Festival, June 7–10th at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in the programme "lines are drawn," alongside films by Paul Clipson, sair goetz, Rosa John, Nico La Shae, Talena Sanders, Kelly Sears, Alexander Stewart, and Antoinette Zwirchmayr. The full schedule looks amazing!

^ still from Taylor Creek (2017, 2.5 min)

april 2018

"Fever in the Insta-Archive: An Interview with Dan Browne," by Clint Enns will be published in the upcoming Millennium Film Journal, Issue #67 (Spring 2018). Pre-order discount until April 12th at http://www.mfj-online.org/.

"Palmerston Blvd.” (2017, 15 min, 4K) will be presented at Athens International Film + Video Festival, as part of the in-competition "Gravitational Field" programme, in Athens, Ohio, on April 14th.

"Palmerston Blvd." will be shown at Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, April 10-15, 2018.

"Palmerston Blvd." will be presented at Alchemy Film and Moving Images Festival, in Hawick, Scotland, May 3-9, 2018

"Palmerston Blvd." will be presented at Anthology Film Archives, as part of Millennium Film Journal Issue #67 launch, in New York, May 8th.

On April 12th, I will be doing a live video performance at Architextures in Toronto.

"Poem" will be presented at "Then It Moved, A Fraction," at Standards, as part of Mi Art Night in Milan, Italy.

“Generation” (2017, 2 min, HD) will receive its Canadian Premiere at Images Festival, in "Redacted Bodies," a selection of recent Toronto works curated by Alexandra Gelis, in Toronto on April 19th, 9pm, at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave.),

"Passage" (2016, 4 min, 16mm) and "Field" (2016, 2 min, 16mm) will be presented at "From A to Z: Transfigurations Between Black Box and White Cube," curated by Madi Piller and Clint Enns, in Vienna, Austria on April 20th. 

march 2018

It's a great honour to announce that I am interviewed by Clint Enns in the Spring 2018 edition of Millennium Film Journal, Issue 67. The issue is currently available on pre-order discount at MFJ's website until April 12th, so get your copy today! There will be a screening of Palmerston Blvd. at Anthology Film Archives on May 8th in support of the launch of this issue – more info on that soon!

This month, Field is presented at the Artifact Small Format Film Festival in Calgary on March 10th.

I will be also presenting a paper entitled "Diasporic sights: Place, Memory and Decay," at the annual Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference, on Saturday March 17th in Toronto. 

Other upcoming screening announcements: 

Palmerston Blvd. will be presented at Athens International Film & Video Festival (Ohio, USA), April 7-17th.

Generation will receive its Canadian premiere at "Redacting Bodies" at Images Festival on April 19th. 

Palmerston Blvd. will receive its UK premiere at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Hawick, Scotland), May 3-9th. 

Nude Descending (After Duchamp) will be presented at "Difficult Viewing and Listening: An Experimental Animation Retrospective," at Winnipeg Cinematheque on May 17th, curated by Murray Toews.

^ Palmerston Blvd. (2017, HD, 15 min) 

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