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september 2018

I fell off the map for a little while and was starting to consider a new career as a goat farmer, but I've re-emerged and should probably announce some upcoming screenings of my work this fall...

- Lines of Force, Taylor Creek, and Generation at The Unseen Festival 2018 in Boulder, Colorado, September 1–30th.

- Taylor Creek at Strangloscope, "Natureza Política," September 20th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

- An Island Is Land and Nude Descending accompanying performances by composer Núria Gimenez at "...of Spatial Sculptures, Textures and SynthesisPrimary tabs," ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, September 21–23rd.

- memento mori at "Cinema and Archive," FotoFocus at The Mini Microcinema, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 7–8th.

- Taylor Creek, Generation, and Concrescence at Planet in Focus Film Festival, Al Green Theatre, Toronto, October 27th, 8:30 PM. With Isle of the Hungry Ghosts (2018, Germany, documentary directed by Gabrielle Brady). I will be in attendance!

- memento mori at Dok Leipzig, in a special programme on animated films, October 29–November 4th.

- Palmerston Blvd. at Nomadica Festival, in Bologna, Italy, November 1–4th.

- Palmerston Blvd. at Animashup Festival, Angoulême, France, November 10-11th.

- Lines of Force at L'Alternativa, Barcelona, Spain, November 12–18th.

I'm also excited to be performing live visuals with the electronic music producer and d.j. Djrum, at Spectrum, Saturday October 6th at Luanda House in Toronto, for some late night vibes.

A few more announcements to come for October, stay tuned...