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october 2015

This is a busy month of screenings and events!

- Alberta will be screened at Festival du nouveau cinema in Montreal on October 11th & 16th. 

- I will present a selection of recent films and videos by the Loop Collective in person with Iris Film Collective on Saturday October 24th in Vancouver BC, alongside fellow members Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof and Jocelyn Statia. This event is part of the "Collective Unconscious" series, which has also featured Montreal's Double Negative Collective and Ottawa's Windows Collective. It will be accompanied by an artist talk on Sunday October 25th at the Iris Collective Fieldhouse Studio. Check out the event page here.

- Poem and Alberta will be presented at Antimatter [ Media Art ] Festival in Victoria BC on October 25th and 28th respectively. Check out their full programme here!

- Films by the Loop Collective at Independent Visions in Regina SK on November 2nd. This will be accompanied by a guest lecture at the University of Regina.

- Next month, I will be giving a guest lecture at Media Arts Peterborough's MAP Talks series, on November 10th, that will be accompanied by a screening of Heavenly Bodies (2015).

- Alberta will be presented at L'Alternativa Festival in Barcelona, Spain, on November 17th, 20th, and 21st.

more news to come soon! x

Still from Alberta (2014).

september 2015

livemix02, 2015 - Part of an ongoing series of live improvised video mixes

august 2015

Happy to announce two new screenings of Alberta (2014) for September, at Pleasure Dome's New Toronto Works 2015 -- check out their fantastic trailer here -- and flEXiff 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Also, Poem (2015) received its international premiere at EXiS Festival's EX- NOW 3 programme alongside Ben Rivers, David Bryant & Karl Lemieux, Hafiz Rancajale, Anton Ginzburg, and IP Yuk-Yiu.

Francesco Cazzin also wrote a wonderful post about Poem on his site, "L'Emergere Del Possibile".

Still from Poem (2015).

july 2015

livemix01 (2015)

12' excerpt from live video performance

june 2015

From June 26th - July 25th, the Loop Collective presents a selection of works at TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary, co-presented by Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.

This event is the first in a cross-country tour of Loop Collective screenings in celebration of the Toronto-based experimental film collective’s forth 20th anniversary. The works in this exhibition combine recent films from their members with older hidden gems, generating conversations between old and new, film and video, movement and stasis, purity and hybridity, nature and technology, matter and memory.

For more information visit the gallery's website here.

Still from Alberta (2014).

may 2015

this month:

> settled into new house (fixing things, hanging pictures, rearranging furniture, shelves, etc.)

> completed a series of new videos for a public art commission in downtown Toronto (TBA)

> working on a new soundtrack for Carl Brown, entitled "Blood Sugar" (20 minutes, 16mm)

> push towards finishing my PhD comprehensive exams (reading Heidegger, Freud, Whitehead, etc.)

> "Alberta" (2014) presented at Iowa City Documentary Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, and Montreal Underground Film Festival.

> live video performance accompanying a musical composition by Núria Giménez-Comas and Carla Huhtanen (soprano), at 21C Music Festival, part of Soundstreams at Royal Conservatory, Toronto.

Loop Collective touring exhibition in the works, beginning with a group show at Truck Gallery (Calgary), co-presented by the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, to be followed by shows in Vancouver, Toronto, and quite possibly several other Canadian cities before expanding internationally.

Still from Heavenly Bodies (2015, work in progress).

april 2015

i have been photographing my living room window for the past year, collecting over 150,000 images with the use of an intervalometer... by now, i have taken more photos of this window than all my other images combined. next month, we are moving out of this apartment on Palmerston Blvd., and the project will be over... hopefully the leaves will arrive before then, to conclude the cycle of the seasons.

march 2015

this month will be my first solo show, at the factory media center in hamilton, on. very grateful to their board of directors, and my friend ty tekatch for their assistance in making this possible. here is the info:

Imaginary Landscapes: Recent works by DAN BROWNE

Factory Media Center - Hamilton, ON

March 13, 2015 - 7-11pm

The Factory Media Center is proud to present the work of Toronto-based filmmaker, photographer and media artist Dan Browne. Browne has been producing films and videos for over 10 years that examine our contemporary relationships to technological and natural environments through densely kinetic audio-visual patterned forms. His most recent video works traverse the fertile territories and intersections between cinema, video installation, music, photography, painting and poetry and have been presented in a range of venues, including festivals, concerts, galleries, and public spaces.

For his first-ever solo show, Browne will present a selection of his recent works in person, followed by a unique two-hour live performance of memento mori, featuring musician-collaborators Dan Driscoll and Steve Richman, that will rework material from the film to create an astonishing and singular live cinematic event.

Click here to view the complete press release including programming info.

february 2015

This year is shaping up to be productive of new works - since finishing Poem, i have been busy with several projects that are mid-length to long durations (60+ min). One is an extended audio-visual collage created through a process of live improvisation using image mixing software. another, which I have been working on for the past year, documents my living room window and will conclude when we move into a new home in April. Yet another is a follow-up of sorts to memento mori, composed of images generated between the conception of my son Julian and his birth (jan-aug '14), mostly of landscape time-lapses of various travels (see images below)... I want to preserve the time period for future reference,,, a window looking back upon the passing of time -- places, weather, plants, insects, animals, people, people, etc... still a lot of work to be done but hopefully these new works will be completed soon. The longer a project is, the more exponentially complex it becomes -- I wish all of these were shorter works, it would be easier to finish them quickly. All I can do is respond to the material as truthfully as possible // it takes its form largely on its own, my role is primarily to act as an intermediary vessel.

january 2015

Here are some images from my new film poem:

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