dan browne

march 2015

this month will be my first solo show, at the factory media center in hamilton, on. very grateful to their board of directors, and my friend ty tekatch for their assistance in making this possible. here is the info:

Imaginary Landscapes: Recent works by DAN BROWNE

Factory Media Center - Hamilton, ON

March 13, 2015 - 7-11pm

The Factory Media Center is proud to present the work of Toronto-based filmmaker, photographer and media artist Dan Browne. Browne has been producing films and videos for over 10 years that examine our contemporary relationships to technological and natural environments through densely kinetic audio-visual patterned forms. His most recent video works traverse the fertile territories and intersections between cinema, video installation, music, photography, painting and poetry and have been presented in a range of venues, including festivals, concerts, galleries, and public spaces.

For his first-ever solo show, Browne will present a selection of his recent works in person, followed by a unique two-hour live performance of memento mori, featuring musician-collaborators Dan Driscoll and Steve Richman, that will rework material from the film to create an astonishing and singular live cinematic event.

Click here to view the complete press release including programming info.

february 2015

This year is shaping up to be productive of new works - since finishing Poem, i have been busy with several projects that are mid-length to long durations (60+ min). One is an extended audio-visual collage created through a process of live improvisation using image mixing software. another, which I have been working on for the past year, documents my living room window and will conclude when we move into a new home in April. Yet another is a follow-up of sorts to memento mori, composed of images generated between the conception of my son Julian and his birth (jan-aug '14), mostly of landscape time-lapses of various travels (see images below)... I want to preserve the time period for future reference,,, a window looking back upon the passing of time -- places, weather, plants, insects, animals, people, people, etc... still a lot of work to be done but hopefully these new works will be completed soon. The longer a project is, the more exponentially complex it becomes -- I wish all of these were shorter works, it would be easier to finish them quickly. All I can do is respond to the material as truthfully as possible // it takes its form largely on its own, my role is primarily to act as an intermediary vessel.

january 2015

Here are some images from my new film poem:

december 2014

Currently in process with several new projects, including a piece for Graphical Recordings 002, featuring a selection of Canadian film and video artists reworking Michael Snow's "Poem" (1957).

This month also saw the publication of my essay "Some Notes on the Artistic Process (of Stephen Broomer)" for The Transformable Moment: The films of Stephen Broomer (Canadian Film Institute Press). As well, memento mori was profiled on PRIZMA, a great Hungarian avant-garde cinema website, and some of my recent photography was featured with an interview on get it on the neg, curated by Nancy Baric.

november 2014

interspace (2014)HDV | 20'19" work in progress music by dan driscoll

v 1.0 work in progress of something...

october 2014

Excited to announce that the World Premiere of my new film pastoral (2014) will be at Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, in the Lab #1: Impressions programme, screening on October 10th and 17th! The programme features works by Robert Todd, Vincent Grenier and Alexandre Larose. I will be in attendance for the screening on October 17. You can read a full write-up on events at FNC 2014 here.

july 2014

Today I did some updating of the website, resulting in a significant increase in images and much less text. Hopefully people can still find their way around -- part of the motivation is to reward exploration. I still have a lot more content to put online, including some newer films and older videos, photography and collage, but these things take time.

Two recent screenings to note: routes (2011) was shown in the 90-second film programme at Winnipeg Underground Film Festival on June 26th, and hand-processing (2010) was a part of the "Visions" programme hosted by The Picture Show in Brooklyn, NY, on June 27-28th. 

may 2014

I am happy to announce that Montreal Underground Film Festival will present routes (2011) and memento mori (2012) as part of its 2014 lineup! Info will be on their website by next week, but from looking at their programming from last year, it seems clear there will be plenty of good company from other great Canadian and international film artists.

Additionally, last weekend recomposition (2007) was shown with a live scoring by composer Chris Thornborrow at Synaesthesia III: Film & Music, presented by FAWN Opera & New Music, in collaboration with The Seventh Art. I really enjoyed Chris' sonic re-interpretation of my work, which took the piece in several interesting new dimensions, generating substantial emotive force by the end. As well, the other works in the programme were also excellent — I particularly enjoyed Eva Kolcze's Markings 1-3 and Christine Lucy Latimer's The Magik Iffektor. Thanks to Patrick Murray and Amanda Smith of FAWN, and co-curator Christopher Heron of The Seventh Art, whose thoughtful approach towards selecting films (and including a Q&A following the screening of each piece!) was a real treat. Christopher interviewed myself and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof about The Loop Collective several years ago - you can watch it here.

april 2014

Here are some pictures from the recent installation of FLUX/FALL (2012) at Performative Ecologies, dc3 Galleries, in Edmonton, AB, March 16th - April 4th, 2014.

FLUX/FALL at dc3 Galleries, Edmonton
FLUX/FALL at dc3 Galleries, Edmonton

The second image doesn't show the installation very well, but gives a good context of the opening, from the guitarist that improvised over the drone soundtrack for a period of time, to performance artist Paul Couillard (seen here standing directly in front of the work), who conducted a series of micro-interventions in addition to giving an artist talk that night.

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