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november 2017

This month I will be performing live at Luminous Gestures 2.0, an evening of composed and improvised new music inspired by light with Bill McBirnie (flute), David Story (percussion & piano), Bill Gilliam (piano), Cheryl O (cello), and Eugene Martynec (electoacoustics).

The event is Sunday November 19th, 8pm at Array Space (155 Walnut Ave., Toronto). Tickets are $15.

Excerpt from when stars collide (2017), paired with music by Bill McBirnie and David Story.

october 2017

Upcoming screenings of Palmerston Blvd. (2017):

Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montreal, QC), as part of the "Nouveaux Alchemistes" programming, screening October 8th & 10th. Filmmaker in attendance!

Antimatter [Media Art] Festival (Victoria, BC), as part of the curated short films programmes on October 15th, and as a continuous installation at The Ministry of Public Living, October 13th-28th.

Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image (Johnson City, NY), October 20-21st. USA premiere!

L'Age D'Or Festival (Brussels, Belgium), October 22nd. European premiere!

Houston Cinema Arts Festival (Houston, TX), in a programme called "Space is Lit," curated by Michael Sicinski. Festival runs November 9-13th, programming details TBA soon.

Glimmerglass Film Days (Cooperstown, NY), in a programme called "A Sense of Place: Four Views of Home," screening November 12th.

september 2017

This month you can find me at the Toronto International Festival, for the world premiere of Palmerston Blvd. in the Wavelengths section. The screening takes place on Monday September 11th at 4:00pm at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, in Wavelengths #4: "As Above, So Below". Tickets are available now.

View the TIFF trailer for Palmerston Blvd. here.

Michael Sicinski writes on MUBI, "Simple in concept but flawless in execution, Palmerston Blvd. is the story of a single year in the life of a family apartment, presented as a 14-minute temporal condensation. Although Browne is committed to an experimental vision, the power of this film derives from his classical approach. Much of Palmerston is framed in a wide angle that absorbs the main picture window and dining area, offered up like a proscenium. It’s here that we can discern the changes that define Browne’s family life—the eventual absence of some, the signs of new presences, and of course the shifting of the seasons. Smaller details are also brought to the fore, mostly to display their specific play with the sunlight or their refractive character. Like a living Alice Neel canvas, the film gives us flowers in mason jars and changing leaves out the window on the corner. Palmerston Blvd. is a dynamic film, in large part because it maintains a tension between the pictorial and the narrative. It’s the story of a space, and like all spaces, it comes to an end."

Eli Hayes writes, "A simply stunning work of audiovisual and temporal exploration, a journey in time and light, space, day and night. Shadows dance across the screen in both smooth and jagged movements through static, nostalgic environments—the catalyst for a chopped up and fragmentary dreamscape of memory, sitting adjacent, in the portal of parallels, just on the other side of reality."

I am also excited to announce Palmerston Blvd. will be presented at Antimatter [Media Art] Festival in Victoria, BC, this October. This year's edition is their twentieth anniversary -- congratulations to curators Deborah de Boer and Todd Eacrett for their hard work! In addition to being shown in the curated short film programming, Palmerston Blvd. will also be presented during the festival as a screen installation at The Ministry Of Casual Living that will be visible on the street. More details TBA soon.

^ stills from Palmerston Blvd. (2017, 14 min, 4K)

In other screening news, Gulf (2016) will be presented at Berwick Film & Media Art Festival on September 22nd, in a special programme entitled "Ultramarine: The Sea as Political Space," curated by Ilona Jurkonytė, Artistic Director of Kaunas International Film Festival, Lithuania.

^ still from Gulf (2016, 6 min, 16mm)

august 2017

Very happy to announce that Palmerston Blvd. will premiere at this year's Wavelengths at the Toronto International Film Festival! More details on that and other festivals soon. Meanwhile, here's the trailer.

The 2017 San Diego Underground Film Festival lineup has been announced, Generation screens Friday August 25th in a programme with works by Sky Hopkina, Karissa Hahn, Josh Weissbach, Ryan Wicks, Jeremy Moss and more! The full selection of artists is outstanding, I wish I could be there in person!

july 2017

For July and August, Confluence (2017) will be on continuous public display in the main floor lobby of Richmond-Adelaide Centre (130 Adelaide Street West, Toronto), consulting by Public Art Management.

^ Confluence (2017, 20 min); installation at Richmond-Adelaide Centre, 130 Adelaide St. W.

I've also been increasingly exhibiting my digital collages, with editions for private collections, including the ORION head office in Toronto, and an inclusion in the first issue of a zine called Winter. I'm slowly building towards a show and online print store, but in the meantime, I have an abundance of recent artists' proofs from my digital album -- if you are interested in acquiring one, please email me.

Upcoming exhibitions:

At the end of August, memento mori (2012) will be presented as part of 17 Days Video Series, Vol. 10, curated by Adriane Little. This series presents the work of seventeen artists continuously over a seventeen day cycle, and will be exhibited at The Bret Llewellyn Art Gallery at Alfred State College (Alfred, NY), from August 28th - September 19th, and Atrium Gallery at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI), from November 6th 2017 to April 29th, 2018. I am very honoured to be included.

^ "For Paul Sharits", still image from memento mori (2012)

Also in August, Generation (2017) will premiere at San Diego Underground Film Festival. Very excited to be showing this new piece at SDUFF, the lineup is always top notch! The FB event page is found here.

^ still from Generation (2017, 2 min)

june 2017

This month I finished a three-year long project, Palmerston Blvd., a work that is my most personal to date. Shooting with a DSLR and intervalometer, I recorded the changing conditions of the bay window in my apartment over the course of a year, producing a time-lapse of over 250,000 images. As a point of comparison, memento mori (2012), which incorporated the sum total of photographs I had taken at the time I made it, uses 128,000 images -- in other words, I took more photos of this window than the entirety of the rest of my work.  Unbeknownst to me upon starting the project as a series of photo sketches (which were posted to Instagram from 2013 to 2015), what I ended up crafting a portrait of was the domestic conditions of my son's first year of life, and our eventual growth beyond this apartment into a new home. For those who have seen Poem (2015), this is a complimentary piece.

Palmerston Blvd. is one of Toronto's oldest residential streets, the houses built largely in the first decade of the twentieth century on grand scales that have since been subdivided into rental units. Between Bloor St. and College St., it features large stone gates, a massive canopy of trees, and cast-iron street lamps of an original design that was common to North America in the 1920s -- a feature stripped from almost every other street in Toronto. You can read more about the street here, and even see the window from which the film was made directly below the pedestrian crossing sign in the second picture. We moved into the apartment in December of 2012 and left in April of 2015. 

I plan to write something with more extensive detail on this work in the near future, however for now I will just mention that it would not have been possible without the help of my partner, Kat. I also want to give special thanks and credit to filmmaker Andrew Kim, who acted as a camera assistant while I hosted him during his visit to Toronto for the Images Festival, helping me immensely by reloading the camera battery and memory card during the final continuous sequence that lasted for over a week. 

Still images from Palmerston Blvd. (2017), 14 minutes, 4K digital, silent.

may 2017

This month, Nude Descending (After Duchamp) (2013) will be presented as part of "Images At Work: L'abstraction au quotidien," presented by Abstract Room at Espace St-Claude, Paris, May 20-21st. Nude Descending will also be presented at the Melbourne International Animation Festival on June 19th, in a programme curated by Monica Lowe. Below you can see the poster for "Images At Work" featuring an image from Nude Descending (After Duchamp).

In other news, Poem (2015) screens at Image Forum Festival in Tokyo. The programme will also tour to the Kyoto Art Center, Yokohama Museum of Art and Aichi Arts Center in May and June.

Le Paradis n'est pas artificiel (2016) screens at Montreal Underground Film Festival, as part of the Opening Night programme alongside works by Guillaume Vallée, Allan Brown, Annaëlle Winand, Jennifer Proctor, Steven Woloshen, Mike Hoolboom, Michael Lyons and many more.

april 2017

Spring is starting off very busy for me, with six events in a single week!

On April 4th, Field (2016) will be presented at Athens International Film + Video Festival.

On April 8th and 9th, Cinema 25 in Manchester (UK) will be hosting a full retrospective of my film and video works, The Cinema of Dan Browne. This event is my first international solo show and I am honoured that it will take place over two nights and include all of my works to date. The first evening will cover my films from 2007-2011, plus some never before seen Super 8 rarities and the UK premiere of The Lost Cycle (2016). Day two will cover my digital work, including memento mori (2012) and a post-screening live interview via Skype. Special thanks to curator and host Christian Dymond.

On Saturday April 8th, I will be performing live DJ and VJ sets at Electric Circuits Festival in Kingston, ON, as well as taking part in a panel discussion on digital art in the afternoon at the Tett Center.

On Saturday April 8th, Factory Media Center in Hamilton, ON, will present Poem (2015) at 150 Seconds of Ontario Film Festival – PART ONE: Hand-Processed & Experimental. This is a great programme with filmmakers Barbara Sternberg, Kelly Egan and Josephine Massarella attending in person.

On Saturday April 8th, NOFEST in Milan, Italy, will also host the World Premiere of my new film, concrescence (2017). This is one of several new short films, with more to come soon. 

Routes (2011) screens as part of "Focusing on the landscape," at Sessió Xcèntric, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, on April 20th. From the programme description by curator Albert Alcoz: "Exploring the representation of nature in the film medium serves to transfigure it. Speeding up its development in time, suspending its physical presence, distorting its configuration or revealing its interstices are cinematographic operations that expand perception of the landscape. Describing the immanence of the forest is the pretext for a selection of films that show the landscape not as a physical place, but as a series of cultural perceptions, based on a place."

Festival of Light (2007) screens as part of "Entracte #27," organized by Le collectif BLAST at Museum of Fine Arts, Angers, France, on April 25th.

Still from concrescence (2017).

march 2017

I am excited to announce that I was commissioned by Images Festival to make the official trailer for this year's festival. This was a great honour, and since it is Images' 30th anniversary, I decided to pay homage to the festival's staff, artists and attendees by creating a collage out of the nearly 15,000 images in their archives. If you've ever been to Images before you will see some familiar faces, and maybe even yourself! Check out the trailer below, or on the big screen at this year's edition, which runs from April 21-28th in Toronto. The music is by Karl Fousek, "Second" from Pattern Recognition (2015).

Other things of note: I recently published a short text, "Notes on the Fragile Image," in Otherzine #32, "Cinemas of Resistance". My work was featured in two music videos, "Runaway" by Alexandre Bazin, and "Deepest Blue" by Emanuele de Raymondi on Zerokilled Music. And video documentation of my live sets at Audiopollination #51 have been posted online here, herehere and here.

Upcoming presentations of my work:

Passage (2016) will be presented at CSIF $100 Film Festival in Calgary on March 22nd. You can view their festival trailer here, with excerpts from my film included

Field (2016) will be shown at Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, on April 4th.

A very new work, Concrescence (2017), will be shown at NOFEST 2017: Non è pranzo di gala (Is not a dinner party), at UNZA! in Milan, Italy, on April 8th. An extended remix of this new work will also be presented alongside a live poetry reading by Lizzsea Shipman at An Evening of Confluence in Vancouver, on March 25th.

I will be doing live video performances at Spectrum featuring Michael Red in Toronto, on March 24th, and at Electric Circuits Festival in Kingston ON, on April 8th (with an artist workshop in the afternoon).

Still from Field (2016, 2 min, 16mm)

february 2017

This winter I'm taking a breather from making new works in order to focus on my dissertation, which centres around process-based aesthetics and decay in experimental film. Writing about decay and the world feels very appropriate right now, I think I chose a timely topic! Been reading a lot of theory and am excited by my recent discovery of Bataille's The Accursed Share, which I feel perfectly summarizes the role of avant-garde cinema -- looking forward to writing on this connection, which seems to have gone unaddressed. I've also completed some notes towards a short theoretical/aesthetic manifesto called "The Fragile Image," that is an attempt to work through some common themes in my practices. Whatever happened to the days when artists wrote creative manifestos? We need more of that!

I will be doing live improvised video projections with pianist Jacqueline Leung at Audiopollination #51 at Array Space on Saturday February 11th in Toronto. I'm also exhibiting two video installations, Cathedral and Grid024 (both 2015), on The UMW Media Wall at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. And Núria Giménez Comas will be presenting her re-scored version of my film Abraxas (2006) in concert at "Zone(s) de combat," Consortium on February 10th in Dijon, France.

(By the way, if any web developers out there reading this are familiar with Koken -- which this site is run on -- I'm encountering glitches when updating content that I really could use some assistance with!)

Still from Grid024 (2015).

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