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april 2017

Spring is starting off very busy for me, with six events in a single week!

On April 4th, Field (2016) will be presented at Athens International Film + Video Festival.

On April 8th and 9th, Cinema 25 in Manchester (UK) will be hosting a full retrospective of my film and video works, The Cinema of Dan Browne. This event is my first international solo show and I am honoured that it will take place over two nights and include all of my works to date. The first evening will cover my films from 2007-2011, plus some never before seen Super 8 rarities and the UK premiere of The Lost Cycle (2016). Day two will cover my digital work, including memento mori (2012) and a post-screening live interview via Skype. Special thanks to curator and host Christian Dymond.

On Saturday April 8th, I will be performing live DJ and VJ sets at Electric Circuits Festival in Kingston, ON, as well as taking part in a panel discussion on digital art in the afternoon at the Tett Center.

On Saturday April 8th, Factory Media Center in Hamilton, ON, will present Poem (2015) at 150 Seconds of Ontario Film Festival – PART ONE: Hand-Processed & Experimental. This is a great programme with filmmakers Barbara Sternberg, Kelly Egan and Josephine Massarella attending in person.

On Saturday April 8th, NOFEST in Milan, Italy, will also host the World Premiere of my new film, concrescence (2017). This is one of several new short films, with more to come soon. 

Routes (2011) screens as part of "Focusing on the landscape," at Sessió Xcèntric, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, on April 20th. From the programme description by curator Albert Alcoz: "Exploring the representation of nature in the film medium serves to transfigure it. Speeding up its development in time, suspending its physical presence, distorting its configuration or revealing its interstices are cinematographic operations that expand perception of the landscape. Describing the immanence of the forest is the pretext for a selection of films that show the landscape not as a physical place, but as a series of cultural perceptions, based on a place."

Festival of Light (2007) screens as part of "Entracte #27," organized by Le collectif BLAST at Museum of Fine Arts, Angers, France, on April 25th.

Still from concrescence (2017).