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december 2016

This month I am touring the "Loop Collective: Recent Works" programme at Canadian Film Institute's Café Ex Series in Ottawa on December 7th, followed by two screenings at La Lumière in Montreal on December 8th and 9th, featuring the Loop programme and a solo programme of my own 16mm films, entitled "Materia Prima." This second programme will be similar to what was shown at Early Monthly Segments in October, and I am looking forward to presenting the new set of prints of these films, and distributing copies of the Loop Collective book for these last two stops our 20th anniversary tour.

Collectivo Toronto will also be presenting Alberta (2014) and Poem (2015) at Club Cultural Matienzo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 13-14th, in a great programme curated by Guillermina Buzio.

B Movie (2005) will be presented in Montreal at La Lumière on December 16th as part of Contre Courant, a programme of found footage works curated by Guillaume Vallée.

Finally, I'm happy to announce that the final show prints of the films in The Lost Cycle are ready and will soon be available for rental via CFMDC and Light Cone, at long last. Please go and rent them! :)

Hope you all stay warm and focused this winter.

Still images from On Sundays (2007) and Field (2016).