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september 2017

This month you can find me at the Toronto International Festival, for the world premiere of Palmerston Blvd. in the Wavelengths section. The screening takes place on Monday September 11th at 4:00pm at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, in Wavelengths #4: "As Above, So Below". Tickets are available now.

View the TIFF trailer for Palmerston Blvd. here.

Michael Sicinski writes on MUBI, "Simple in concept but flawless in execution, Palmerston Blvd. is the story of a single year in the life of a family apartment, presented as a 14-minute temporal condensation. Although Browne is committed to an experimental vision, the power of this film derives from his classical approach. Much of Palmerston is framed in a wide angle that absorbs the main picture window and dining area, offered up like a proscenium. It’s here that we can discern the changes that define Browne’s family life—the eventual absence of some, the signs of new presences, and of course the shifting of the seasons. Smaller details are also brought to the fore, mostly to display their specific play with the sunlight or their refractive character. Like a living Alice Neel canvas, the film gives us flowers in mason jars and changing leaves out the window on the corner. Palmerston Blvd. is a dynamic film, in large part because it maintains a tension between the pictorial and the narrative. It’s the story of a space, and like all spaces, it comes to an end."

Eli Hayes writes, "A simply stunning work of audiovisual and temporal exploration, a journey in time and light, space, day and night. Shadows dance across the screen in both smooth and jagged movements through static, nostalgic environments—the catalyst for a chopped up and fragmentary dreamscape of memory, sitting adjacent, in the portal of parallels, just on the other side of reality."

I am also excited to announce Palmerston Blvd. will be presented at Antimatter [Media Art] Festival in Victoria, BC, this October. This year's edition is their twentieth anniversary -- congratulations to curators Deborah de Boer and Todd Eacrett for their hard work! In addition to being shown in the curated short film programming, Palmerston Blvd. will also be presented during the festival as a screen installation at The Ministry Of Casual Living that will be visible on the street. More details TBA soon.

^ stills from Palmerston Blvd. (2017, 14 min, 4K)

In other screening news, Gulf (2016) will be presented at Berwick Film & Media Art Festival on September 22nd, in a special programme entitled "Ultramarine: The Sea as Political Space," curated by Ilona Jurkonytė, Artistic Director of Kaunas International Film Festival, Lithuania.

^ still from Gulf (2016, 6 min, 16mm)