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february 2016

I've been inspired by my recent 16mm retrospective with Loop to strike new prints of all my film works, which will be available for distribution through CFMDC and Light Cone by spring. I also just finished my first new projects on 16mm in nearly five years, Gulf, and Parhelion, as well as completing new 5k transfers of two older Super 8 films, Midway (2008), and PS Kensington (2005). I took a hiatus from celluloid-based production for a number of years while I was busy with my Masters degree and the intensive production of memento mori (2012), but now after a number of years I'm happy to return to the medium to complete several unfinished works. Working in multiple mediums poses numerous challenges as an artist - each has its own aesthetic, and can feel almost like a different personality - and I've been hesitant to return to film largely due to its cost, but these projects form important links in the chain of my artistic development and I'm glad to have the chance to be filling in some of the gaps. 

I've also published a set of 16mm filmstrip images with a short essay for OtherZine's Issue #30: MaTeRiAL cinema, and will have another set of images in the next issue of Found Footage Magazine.

Keeping warm in the meantime...

Julian's Window (2016)