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may 2016

This month in Found Footage Magazine issue #2 there is an article by Clint Enns called "Images Beyond Time: Cinema as Photographic Archive," that considers my film memento mori in the context of Hollis Frampton's (nostalgia) and Derrida's Archive Fever -- wonderful to be in such company, with several other excellent contemporary film artists considered as well in the article, and some very insightful analysis. The whole issue is great, and also features an artist page I contributed with 35mm film frames from B Movie (2005). You can buy it online here!

In other news, my films are now finally available for rental at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. At the moment, only Alberta and Poem are listed in the catalog, but this will soon be updated to include another 11 works, including new prints of all of my 16mm films (except On Sundays and Midway, which will only be available digitally until I can raise the necessary funds to print them). I am also making additional prints for Light Cone that will be available by summer.

In the process of reprinting my extant filmography, I uncovered some lost works that form a suite of new 16mm films that I am very excited about -- more info on these soon! This year certainly seems to be all about 16mm for me - with a dedicated studio and the right equipment I was finally able to organize and rediscover materials that were previously lost or without a label, and after showing my 16mm together in a programme for the first time in January, I finished my first new work in 16mm in five years, Gulf (and a Super-8 film, Parhelion).


Still image from Reflections II (2016)

Poem is included this month in an excellent programme by Light Cone at Oberhausen, featuring works by Flatform, Maki Satake, Philippe Leonard, Ana Vaz, Guillaume Mazloum, Juan David González Monroy and Anja Dornieden, and Emmanuel Lefrant. It also screens at Montreal Underground Film Festival on May 21st.